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Commode cushions

Spending time in the bathroom shouldn't be an uncomfortable experience. Many people overlook pressure relief during there extended stay while on the toilet or shower. if your looking for a portable toilet seat riser cushion cover or cushion for showering we've got you covered.

Shower bench cushion

We offer a special density foam made to reduce pressure. Our Shower Bench cushion was made to fit todays popular padded or non padded tub bench. Our K1 toilet cushion ( Patent Pending ) fits all toilet seats with its universal shape.


Kcushion K1 commode cushion

Dont compromise! invest in a product that gives you piece of mind. Gravity breaks down muscle tissue every hour of every day and every year you sit. Pressure sores are not an option.

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commode cushion

Geoff Erickson T10/11 Para Legend Racer and Sailor

"ive been using a chair for many years and have had issues with pressure.

The K cushion makes me feel safe and gives me piece of mind"

Ryan Baker T6 Para Lacrosse player, surfer, and adventurer

"For para and quads, bathroom time should not cause more worry or

breakdown that comes along with it. Using the K cushion has increased my

confidence and alleviated pressure, literally. I love my K cushion because its

lightweight and easy to travel with. I can use any toilet without fear of

developing  any kind of skin breakdown"

Keith Davis T10 Paralympian Athlete

"The cushion took me a few times just to get the hang of it. I like that its compact, lightweight and functional. Using a cushion like this just makes common sense" 

Will Bailey T8 Para for over 48 years

"Ive been a K cushion user for over 8 years now.  I cant imagine using the

toilet without  one, the pressure and shear is just too damaging. I use my

K cushions at home and when I travel. Its just as important as having a cushion on my wheelchair for preventing pressure sores"

Kevin Mather T10 Para and avid skier

"This cushion is part of my daily routine and I wont leave home without it.

Its small, light and easy to just throw into my bag when I hit the road. I have no time for pressure sores"

Ricky James T7 Athlete Ironman

"Whether at home or hotel, the K cushions save my butt preventing pressure

sores from sitting on a standard hard toilet seat. its an ingenious product that is simple in design but huge for a paraplegic lifestyle"