The K1 toilet seat cushion

The K1 cushion is a 1.25'' thick soft unique stackable one of a kind cushion made for both round and elongated toilet seats. An open cell self skinned foam density to provide the user pressure relief for extended stays while on the toilet and allow access with a cutout. If you need more elevation than one 1.25" inch thick cushion try two cushions stacked for more rise and comfort.  

A vital element  for everyday life that's easy to toss in your bag when your going on vacation or use at home for everyday protection. If your at risk for pressure sores, have sensitivity issues, need an extra rise for easier transfers, or just want a warmer toilet seat the K cushion will provide just that. A product designed to simply stay in place without straps, clamps or heavy hardware making it easy to store away 

when not in use. A non latex hydropolymer foam that's now available in Black, Grey, Tan, Red, Green, White, Brown and Blue. Now only $99 plus $19.99 shipping and handling.      

( Patent Pending )

portable toilet commode cushion cover or pad for std or elongated seats.   


K2 Shower Bench / Chair Cushions


 The K2 shower pads/cushions are made of a closed cell soft flexible waterproof foam and we have them available in 15X15 or 15X25 sizes. The 1' thick pads are perfect as an overlay for todays shower chairs or bathtub benches plus anytime your transferring into a spa or pool these pads will protect you from hard surfaces. A great all around cushion for short term sitting.  

15X15 $28.99

15X25 $42.99