Mission to make a cushion

Chris was injured as a result of a shooting accident that severed his spinal cord back in 1988. During his stay in Rehab at Northridge hospital he learned many new things including pressure sores and how to avoid them. Chris grew up in the So Bay near the beach surfing, body boarding, skin diving, skate boarding and riding BMX bikes. He was also an avid skier and motorcycle rider. After his injury he bought a used racing wheelchair and raced his first marathon in Los Angeles marathon back in 1992  . Racing was the best form of therapy because he could identify with others who had similar disabilities to his. Racing took him all over the world to places like Germany, China, Japan , Australia, from New York to Boston, San Diego  to Alaska. Chris still had the passion to travel and see the world. Chris  began working for Xtreme Medical in 1999 where he visited many rehabs in the Los Angeles area mentoring newly spinal cord injured patients.  He became an expert at fitting or building the right wheelchair for new patients or anyone looking for a new lightweight everyday chair. After traveling to numerous locations for racing, work or pleasure Chris realized better products were needed for bathroom comfort. With his experience and background he decided it was time to offer slim minimal cushions for travel for both toilet and showering. Even after playing hard as a wheelchair user for over 30 years, Chris has never had a pressure sore. ( knock on wood ) 

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Over Active


Pictured here at Moran Raceway, Chris a T2 para and Billy T6 para prepare for some performance karting with hand controls Chris designed.   

Alive with spirit


 Enjoying the UTV out in the Mojave desert Chris keeps rolling.

Free falling


Falling from 13,000 feet above Lake Elsinore Chris is still flying high